Library FAQs

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Library Use Questions

Who can use the library?

The Sherrill-Kenwood Free Library truly welcomes all! Anyone can get a library card. The average patron saves over $180 a year by borrowing materials from the library. Our patrons come from many different communities; here’s a breakdown of some of the communities represented:

13477Vernon Center86
13440New London/Rome22
13054Sylvan Beach/Durhamville20

What’s a resident borrower?

The state uses the term “resident borrower” on it’s annual report to signify if a patron lives in areas listed on the library’s charter. Our charter lists areas in Sherrill as well as various census tracts in Kenwood and Vernon. There is no difference in resident borrowers and “non-resident borrowers” when it comes to lending privileges. As a part of our commitment to welcoming all, we do not require proof of residency in any particular area or municipality to sign up for a library card.

What does the library offer?

We provide access to media, technology, activities, and outreach that strengthen our school district and enrich community life. Everyone deserves the opportunity to become lifelong learners, and the library empowers our community to do just that.

Books, Media & More!

Everybody knows the library has books, but what about the other items the library has to offer? 

  • eBooks & Audiobooks: available for download directly to your device
  • DVDs: movies & documentaries
  • Wi-Fi, Computers, Printing, Copying & Faxing
  • Newspapers, Magazines & Online Magazines
  • Digital Newspapers, including the New York Times & the New York Post
  • Zoo & Park Passes
  • Snowshoe Borrowing Program
  • Online Databases, News Sources & Journals
  • Children’s Study & Homework Resources


  • Test Proctoring Services
  • Printing, copying, scanning, and faxing services
  • Readers’ Advisory
  • 1-on-1 Tech Help
  • Reference Services
  • Free Wi-Fi and computer access

Community Activities & Outreach

In addition to offering an array of resources, the library is a hub for community building.

  • Veteran Outreach: elementary school letter-writing campaigns & food drives
  • My First Library Card: elementary school partnership to sign children up for library cards
  • Community Rooms & Tutoring Space: available for use at no charge
  • Community Art Shows & Displays: featuring VVS K-12 and alumni artwork
  • Children’s Literacy & Summer Programs
  • Art Classes, Games & Crafts (Adult & Children)
  • Book Discussions (Adult & Children)
  • Educational Talks

How many items did the library circulate last year?

SKFL circulated 21,934 items last year; this includes ebooks, DVDs, magazines, audiobooks, parks passes, books and all the wonderful things that the library offers. Of the 21,934 items, 17,197 of them were physical books. Resident borrowers accounted for 12,200 total items and 8,862 books, while non-resident borrowers checked out 9,734 total items and 8,335 books. 

Library Operations Questions

What kind of library is SKFL?

We are an association library serving the communities of Kenwood, Sherrill, Vernon and Verona.

How is the library funded?

In June 2022, the library funding was put up for a vote to all qualified voters in the VVS School District. This levy passed and the library now receives funding directly through a library levy that appears on school district tax bills. For more information on that, scroll down to the Library Tax questions below.

Who runs the library?

The Sherrill-Kenwood Free Library is run by our Board of Trustees. Our current trustees are listed on this page. The Library Board of Trustees are responsible for ensuring the library is providing the best possible service to its community, including securing stable funding for the library and hiring a Library Director. Bill Loveland is our Library Director, and he is responsible for the daily operations of the library.

How does the library create its budget?

The money collected in the library levy is used for the operational cost of the library. A budget for each fiscal year (January to December) is generated and presented to the Library Board of Trustees. This budget is created in response to the library’s needs, current costs, as well as the mission plan and long range plan. The Board then votes to accept this budget in its annual meeting in December of each year.

What’s an annual meeting?

In December of each year, the Library Board of Trustees meets to vote on the budget for the year, elect officers and appoint new board members if there are seats available.

I’m interested in becoming a trustee. What are the requirements?

SKFL Trustees are nominated and appointed by the Board of Trustees to fill any vacancies in January of each year, unless an unusual circumstance or unscheduled vacancy arises. We are always interested in hearing from community members who would like to serve on the Board of Trustees. Trustees are required to be adults cardholders residing within the communities the library serves-Kenwood, Sherrill, Vernon, or Verona. Some trustees responsibilities include:

  • To employ a competent and qualified librarian.
  • To secure adequate funds to carry on the library program. 
  • To ensure the library is providing the best possible service for its community
  • To determine the purpose of the library and to adopt written policies to govern the operation and program of the library.
  • To establish, support, and participate in a planned public relations program.
  • To assist in the preparation of the annual budget and approve the final document.
  • To know local and state laws and to support library legislation in the state and nation.
  • To establish among the library policies those dealing with book and materials selection.
  • To attend all board meetings and see that accurate records are kept on file at the library.
  • To participate in continuing education for library trustees.
  • To be aware of the services of the library system.

If you are interested in becoming a library trustee, please email the to get a copy of the nominating form.

Library Tax Questions

What is the new “Library Tax” line on my VVS bill?

On June 1st, voters in the VVS school district voted to pass a proposition funding the Sherrill-Kenwood Free Library through a school district levy.

What does this “Library Tax” pay for?

This levy pays for the operating cost of the library for the 2023 year. Our budget for the 2023 year is $186,700, and the library levy line on your bill is your contribution. That means new books, digital materials, building maintenance, dynamic programs for all ages, and everything else that goes into running our wonderful library!

Do I pay the library directly?

Nope! This is all a part of your school district payment and you only have to send one payment in for the whole amount on your tax notice.

If you have additional questions, please contact our library at 315-363-5980 or via email at