Budget Vote

The library will be putting the budget up for a vote through the VVS School District on Wednesday, June 1st. The fact sheet below answers some of the most common questions about the vote:

Library Fact Sheet page 1 Library Fact Sheet page 2

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the library currently funded?

The library has always been funded through various revenue streams, including City of Sherrill, Oneida County, Town of Vernon, individual and organizational donations, fundraising, and investment income. As the years have gone on, various revenue streams have waned and the library has needed to increase its fundraising efforts as well as pull more and more income from investments. We have been incredibly fortunate to have extremely generous patrons in recent years as donations have increased to make up 30 percent of our revenue in some years.


Who owns the building?

The library owns the building! We moved to our current building in 1970 and have owned it ever since. Part of the budget for vote would include general maintenance of this building, since as any homeowner knows, putting off general upkeep ends up costing more in the long run.

What will the City of Sherrill and Town of Vernon do with the money they used to designate for the library?

The governing bodies of both the City of Sherrill and Town of Vernon decide each year where they would like to allocate funds, any choices about where funds that had previously been allocated for the library would be at their discretion.

What about the name?

We are definitely open to changing our name to better reflect our place as a VVS community library.

Have more questions? Reach out to the Board of Trustees at skflboard@gmail.com with your questions and someone will get in touch. This page will be updated with any frequently asked questions so check back here!